April 2023

An artist in Delta..After the family hardships…Art Musings

“Always go a little further into the water…A little bit out of your depth, and when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting’, Truth from David Bowie.

The new art show at Doghouse Espresso reveals the launch of Jean Marie Stortz’s new work. Each piece of art is a new path and she doesn’t know where it will end.This is unlike where she painted prior to this phase. She makes decisions as she progresses. Stortz can be painting, collaging, or drawing and keeps this pattern up until arriving at the finish line. This is a new way to paint for Jean. In the past she attempted to have that perfect image, that perfect rendering. She believes previously there was more struggle. Stortz stated, “It can’t be perfect and there was not as much joy as I am experiencing now. These paintings show my journey, you can see the history in the layers of the work. It’s not unlike life where we choose a path and have to course correct in the conversation or relationship. There are times when life is beautiful and easy then it’s not and then it’s challenging. It’s not perfect!”.

This last year was to be an art year just for Jean Marie Stortz. Her husband, Steve, had health issues. In the past she remembers hanging up her art when challenges occurred in her family over the years but she didn’t stop painting in 2022. Painting was her meditation. Stortz said it was calming! Jean expressed, “ In my art I explored most art media and was always looking for the next new medium. Now each painting I start is a new experience. This holds my attention and is fun and energizing”.

Her husband has recovered and Jean paints daily now! During the Covid years she wasn’t totally productive artistically. It was also a difficult time. Some of you may remember Jean painted the adobe hills and mixed media, 3-D creations when she and her husband first arrived in Colorado, ten years ago. Jean has taught art classes locally and shown her art locally at: Doghouse Espresso, 246, TADA, Confluence Gallery, The Creamery, Church of Art, Flaming Arts and The Blue Sage.

The current art show is at: Doghouse Espresso, 449 Main Street, Delta, Colorado

In the adjoining room at Doghouse are 4 of the 8 paintings of Jean Marie Stortz’s previous series, The Circus, from 2007. There is a great contrast to the new paintings from 2022. The Circus Series started after Stortz read, Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen in 2007. She was also teaching young students at the time as they were studying Alexander Calder, a sculptor who created his own “Circus” out of recycled bits of wire, wood and fabric. Calder created his circus and other wire creations from 1926-1931. Stortz also believes it was the impetus for her to make mixed-media, 3-D creations with wire. Stortz remembers going to the Zuhrah Shrine Circus in the 60’s with the entire elementary school in the old Minneapolis Auditorium island sitting in almost the last row near the ceiling. Jean commented, “I can still feel the excitement of that day.”

8 December 2022

It's a big day. It's Tyler's birthday and he's 39. How can he be 39 already? Missing time celebrating with him in person. There will be a fishing trip to Alaska this summer to spend time with him. 

There are many new abstract paintings created this year currently on the site. Check them out!! I'm exploring the best way to best connect with art lovers. Is it a newsletter, blog, e-mail? Any thoughts please share with me.

Enjoy the holidays and peace and calm to all!

24 August 2021

Launch of new website, excited to finally create a new one. This is number 3! 

I'll continue to add to it, so check back and see what's new.

Made it through a hot summer and glad fall is in the air.

I had a small glitch on the website and called Van Stokes the creator of this Icompendium website and got a call back less than 5 minutes later..perfect!